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Von der Stadt aufs Land. Freund des retro computings und des inneren Exils. Die Gedanken sind frei. Dieses Recht findet seine Schranken in den Vorschriften der allgemeinen Gesetze.

final update: geoff's NakedMUD memorial page is now up, and will be maintained in perpetuity:

update: thank you everyone! thanks to the efforts of @stevestreza, @crawfordsm, and @lewiscowles1986 the majority of the source has been located 🥰

attn: MUD developers

last year, a grad school classmate of mine died at the age of 38. every student and professor who met Geoff Hollis learned that he was a brilliant scholar, a sharp thinker, and a superb university lecturer.

but only a handful of his friends knew that geoff was also one hell of a coder. he spent nights as a grad student building his own MUD engine in C - from scratch, with a built-in custom scripting language - just for the fun of it.

nakedMUD enjoyed several years of regular development and usage from mud designers, before jeff had to shelve it due to his teaching responsibilities.

when he died, his university server space was wiped without a backup, and all of his source code went with it. i've got the most recent version of nakedMUD (3.8.1), but i'd like to preserve v1.0 to v3.8 in his memory.

if you happen to have filenames in the format nakedmudv1.0.tar.tgz sitting around on old drives, i'd love to hear from you. i'm building a little source shrine for geoff, so nakedMUD can live on in memory of a kind, gentle soul.

“Haha lol banks use 60 year old programming languages!”

Yes, young whippersnapper, that’s because they need things to be reliable and not change all the time, the code probably has to run for another 60 years.

“Modern” devs could learn a lot from not trying chase every trendy new framework and every shiny new programming language.

@Fluse Wir haben seit letztem Jahr eine Wärmepumpe im Denkmal. Zum guten Schluss waren es Klimatechniker, die es ohne Gejammer gut gebaut haben (die Anlage kann auch kühlen, damit waren sie definitiv zuständig). Für ein paar Kleinigkeiten, die heizungsspezifisch sind, haben _die_ dann nen Heizungstechniker herangeschafft - nicht mehr mein Problem.

Letzter Winter war etwas kühler als sonst, wegen der Vorlauftemperatur, aber es ging, weil unsere Heizkörper vorher überdimensioniert waren (einige wurden vorher nie verwendet). Als nächstes werden wir selektiv dämmen, um es noch ein wenig angenehmer zu machen. Eine "Eskalationsstufe" wären noch Heizkörper mit Lüfter gewesen, damit die geringere Wärmeleistung besser in den Raum gebracht wird.

Heizkosten sind gesunken, aber bei geringerer Heizleistung wäre alles andere auch schlimm - im Moment ist das noch schwer zu vergleichen.

@alcinnz @vertigo Moore got some flak for the use of color in ColorForth, and some - apparently dismissive - reaction to "what about the color blind?"

There has been some clarification further on, and the gist of it, how I understand it, is that he made the color system for himself, and isn't qualified to provide a general solution that works for everybody. However, the system should be simple enough that somebody who prefers or needs a difference representation for some reason or another can build an interface that works for them (e.g. with bold, underlined and/or cursive text) and that it will be simple to pull off.

Yes, that's putting the cost of supporting more complex situations (e.g. RTL text with complex ligatures; speech interfaces) onto those who need support for it. On the other hand, they're the ones who are able to make qualified decisions about it, anyway.

It's the other side of the coin of "Nothing about us without us."

anti-trans laws, uspol

When I was 10, I came out as transgender. I was a girl and I knew it.

I was one of the lucky ones.

After four painful years, I was fortunate enough to access gender-affirming health care. First testosterone blockers. Later estrogen, the stuff my peers soaked in for years while I threw myself into software development to distract from pain.

Despite being old enough to go through the wrong puberty and suffer its permanent changes, it took four years to access the medical fix. Four years of gender therapy, hard talks with doctors, and a lot of determination.

There’s a vicious myth that kids just walk into clinics and leave with hormones. Quite the opposite.

I was lucky: my parents supported me, and by then we lived near San Francisco, where a gender clinic was willing to take me as patient.

I’m 21 now. I’ll be blunt: if not for gender-affirming care, I don’t know if I would be around. If there would be FOSS graphics drivers for Mali-T860 or the Apple M1.

If I were a few years younger, lived in the wrong part of the US, that may well be the reality, because gender-affirming care is banned for minors in conservative areas across the United States. Texas, for example, would threaten to take me from my loving parents under Greg Abbott’s directive.

Even now, I’m lucky I don’t live in the wrong place: the medication I’m prescribed is banned for adults in several American states.

I fear the 2024 election. How long until there’s a ban nationwide?

In high school, I knew this day might come. I applied to Canadian universities. Canada isn’t perfect, far from it. But stripping trans rights isn’t on the ballot yet.

Growing up, we liked visiting Florida.

Now there are travel advisories against it.

One recent Florida law threatens jail time if a trans person uses the bathroom - any bathroom - in a public space. I remember in high school, arguing back against “bathroom bills” designed to marginalize trans people. They seem tame next to the vile attacks on trans people championed by Ron DeSantis.

What’s next?

Does anybody remember the Nuremberg laws?

I was raised Jewish. Growing up, we were haunted by the spectre of the Holocaust. I knew queer Germans were in the cross-hairs alongside Jews. I didn’t know that Berlin was a queer centre before Hitler came to power.

In high school, I understood if fascists came to power in the United States, I might be first to go. Nazis had a special symbol for people like me: a pink triangle superimposed on a yellow triangle. I was 16 when I wondered if one day I would be forced to wear it.

In 2020, Donald Trump used the Nazi’s symbol for political prisoners – forced to be worn in camps – to threaten leftists in a campaign ad.


You don’t need to like Democrats, but I need you to understand that if you vote Republican in 2024, you vote erasure. You vote oppression. You vote fascism.

Maybe you “just have some concerns” about trans kids.

I was a trans kid, and I want you to know that DeSantis, Abbott, and Trump were my nightmares. Their policies will lead to the deaths of transgender Americans. With hundreds of GOP-sponsored anti-trans bills and laws simultaneously sweeping the United States, it’s hard to believe this isn’t by design.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The trans experience isn’t inherently defined by suffering. Not for trans kids, not for trans adults.

When treated with respect, allowed to transition, when we can access the medication we know we need, life can be great.

Personally, I have felt virtually no gender-related discomfort in years now.

I once recoiled at my reflection. Now I look in the mirror and smile at the cute woman smiling back at me. I’m surrounded by lovely friends, and we support each other. Laugh together. Cry together. Text endless stickers of cartoon sharks together. Past the shared struggle, there is immense trans joy.

When we are made to suffer – by banning our medication, arresting us for peeing, legislating our identities out of existence on the road to establishing a theocratic state – that is a policy choice.

We’re not asking for much. We don’t want special treatment. We just want respect. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Right now I want legislators to get the fuck out of our doctors’ office.

I’m on the board overseeing Linux graphics. Half of us are trans. If all you care about is Linux, resist the attacks on trans people.

If you have any decency, fight back.

It’s your choice.

@vertigo @akkartik That entire discussion is a demonstration of what happens when people are confidently incorrect :-/

@Bigou has pre-made firmware for a wide range of chrome OS devices that boots into SeaBIOS ("PC BIOS") or Tianocore ("UEFI"), current, tested and with instructions. (and, by the way, the firmware those devices are shipping with isn't ancient either, nor particularly locked down.)

As for CPU and other specs, good shopping or price comparison sites show the specs and even allow filtering. Being based in Germany I typically go for the German version of In the US, seems decent. Mais pas des idées pour la France.

@Bigou Chromebooks run #coreboot and (with one or two _really_ odd exceptions: stay clear of the vendor rhyming with "Hell" and you're on the safe side) you can replace it with your own build that boots a different OS, too.
So there's your coreboot-enabled 2-in-1.

Ist ja irgendwie auch nen Zeichen von Dekadenz, wenn man Protest und Kriminalität nicht mehr auseinanderhalten kann.

Bin froh um jede:n der jungen Menschen, deren moralischer Kompass nicht so schief hängt wie bei diesen Menschen mit Wohlstandsverlustängsten.

@letterus Lass die Clowns Noten geben und du bekommst eine Generation von Menschen mit Coulrophobie...

Step 1: consider if you need analytics at all.

For way too many people it seems way too automatic to setup a neat dashboard without knowing what for...

@vertigo @nytpu I hope not! However, no matter how humorous a scenario, expect that somebody went through with it earnestly :-)

@vertigo @nytpu is almost all that, except for the "more flexible at runtime" bit (it specifically is _less_ flexible than most systems)

Docker + docker-compose is my go-to because it's relatively simple: define an image for your app (shaped in whatever way you like, e.g. start with centos, run commands to add stuff. See for an example of mine), then use docker-compose to add the vendor maintained postgres image and stick the two together.

Ansible and Puppet are suitable if you want to be able to replicate a complex setup that isn't just a bunch of containers (e.g. if you need to modify stuff in /etc)

Kubernetes is suitable once you're dealing with tons and tons of servers: its control plane (the servers that manage all the other servers) alone requires 3 nodes for redundancy unless you're jumping through hoops.

It's amazing how many institutional aspects that we live under became a lot better under covid only for that shit to get ripped away once corporations and rich fucks felt like they lost the narrative.

@pagetable @stefanhoeltgen all the readable bits in full length links into the Mediathek are SEO while the base64 string encodes the media URI that the site actually uses to look up the video.

You will not remember why you worked late.

But your kids will remember how they felt.

I certainly remember that my dad was rarely home before 20:00 when I was a kid.

Gerade festgestellt, dass ich hier die ganze Domain eines Verlags stummschalten kann, nachdem mir deren Erzeugnisse eins nach dem anderen als reboost in die Timeline gespült wurden. Und wieder ein Problem weniger, dank Fediverse :-)

(im Gegensatz zu bestimmten anderen Verlagen habe ich mit diesem Verlag kein Problem per-se - deren Erzeugnisse interessen mich nur einfach nicht)