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Von der Stadt aufs Land. Freund des retro computings und des inneren Exils. Die Gedanken sind frei. Dieses Recht findet seine Schranken in den Vorschriften der allgemeinen Gesetze.

@creamqueen Yes, It helps a tiny fraction of my audience with autism spectrum disorders who feel really uncomfortable with pictures featuring eye contact (check Wikipedia for more sources/info about it).

By putting a CW, it allows them to prepare themselves for eye contact before clicking.

I wish a better system existed to metadata upfront a post with 'eye contact' and let each profile set their preferences about it. But without that, the workaround is to use the CW + eye contact keyword.

@LovesTha @alcinnz @vertigo Some legacy fluff to route USB[123]-over-USB-C into the Thunderbolt-attached integrated USB host controller (a PCIe device), yes. I bet they'd rather get away from that, too. Still, it's DMA on an external port, and to compensate, they not only engaged the IOMMU concept that is already there but some engineers added some more bells and whistles to that to justify their existence (or more likely: their promotion). *sigh*

@vertigo @alcinnz USB has changed for the worse. USB3 is a mess and USB4 isn't USB anymore but Thunderbolt (that is, external PCIe). I implemented USB3 support but then I checked out because I just couldn't take it anymore.

@davidrevoy I don't agree with attributing the conduct to immaturity ("remember this message"). Elfie might be just a teenage edgelord who needs to grow up, but sadly that isn't a given - there are grown, well-established people who'd feel justified acting just the same (and using the same choice words).

But props to you for assuming the least worst reason for the behavior :-)

@davidrevoy Depending on culture, various behaviors are highly politicized (or not). So things that may be neutral or at best friendly courtesy for you can be (to cut it short a bit) a tribal sign elsewhere, and if you're (not) doing certain things, you're mistaken to be part of the "enemy tribe".

While I agree that this seems childish (I'm probably closer to your culture than to's), maturity seems to be an insufficient perspective: we probably have similar signals that look obvious and important for us while others just roll their eyes at our sensibilities and are shocked or even appalled by our strong reactions.

@MatejLach That number confused me as well...

Steady is a German startup with a somewhat similar business which started operating in public in 2017. According to Wikipedia they were 32 people in total last year ( ), which is closer to what I expected either company could reasonably employ. points to - Given that I admin the latter domain, I just made the link work again after 8-or-so years of pointing to some empty wiki page.

@vandys @Salaru According to (public broadcaster) we currently have about 20k vaccinations per day (excluding weekends), see the chart below "Wie entwickelt sich die Nutzung der Impfstoffe pro Tag?" ('how does the usage of vaccinations develop per day?'), of which about 18k are BioNTech's (what you know as Pfizer).

It was about 30k/day until recently, probably currently down because everybody's waiting for the BA.1 and BA.5 adaptations which are supposed to be available AnyDayNow[tm], with various national and EU regulatory bodies taking a different amount of time to put their approval stamp on some slip of paper.

We stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine sometimes in June 2021 due to concerns about blood clots, and apparently the J&J vaccine (same technology) was pretty much retired about the same time. (see the chart below "Welche Hersteller haben wie viel Impfstoff geliefert?", 'which vendor sent how much vaccine?')

@uwe @2ndStar TikTok und Instagram. Und "alt" sind Leute, wenn sie 1,5x so alt sind wie die jungen Leute selbst, spätestens jedoch die Elterngeneration.

@LittleAlex Das sollte ein 64K Fix beheben, oder? Das wäre dann die minimalinvasive Lösung

@LittleAlex VDC RAM oder Farb RAM des VIC-II?

re: Alman-Zeugs: Autos
@letterus Ein T7 ist ein gutes Stück größer als ein Berlingo (0.5m länger, 10cm breiter, 6cm höher), damit tendenziell schwerer und schwerer beladen. Der offizielle Verbrauch ist (laut einer oberflächlichen Suche) 6.6l/100km, von daher ist das wohl eher nicht Heise's Bleifuß, sondern halbwegs realistisch für das Modell.

This is not a place of honor. There aren't even any esteemed deeds commemorated here or anything of value. This place is best shunned. Would not recommend. ★☆☆☆☆

aerial satellite view of baren New Mexico landscape with a place marker for the National Nuclear Security Administration

@verkehrswende Wie ich die Situation verstehe, fordert die ESWE dasselbe. Ich finds ja gut, wenn ein Unternehmen "zuviel Last für das vorhandene Personal, wir reduzieren unser Angebot" statt "Mehr Überstunden!" (ohne Chance, die je wieder abzufeiern) sagt.

Und klar, das Angebot muss wieder besser werden, dafür brauchts mehr Fahrten. Die Altersstruktur bei den Mitarbeitern ist aber wohl weniger rosig... Mal schauen, ob Wiesbaden demnächst aus der Not heraus Vorreiter beim großflächigen Einsatz autonomer Busse wird ;-)

@codewiz Those Nest things are supposed to be "smart" so they might not only have temperature curves (to figure out how the building heats and cools) but also behavioral/location data of you to make guesses when to pre-heat so the home is comfy right when you get there?

But since you're downloading the data, you could take a look ;-)

Major Thunderbird security issue, make sure to upgrade to 102.2.1 as soon as you can

@vertigo @EdS @neauoire As far as I can tell, the members of Genesis were 16-17 when they started, so 30 years seems somewhat pessimistic.

@th @neauoire notes that Robotron used 5, 7 or 8 tracks ("Der Stanzer bearbeitete fünf-, sieben- oder achtspuriges Lochband")

@lazarus @birnim ChromeOS? ;-)

re: Politik, 9-Euro-Ticket
@HoSnoopy @letterus @js Die Schiersteiner Brücke, an die ich da gerade denken musste (, stammt aus den 60ern und ist seit 3 Jahrzehnten Dauerbaustelle. Die 250M€ sind nur für die letzten 10 Jahre.

Aber dennoch: Diese Brücke ist praktisch nur für Kraftfahrer nutzbar (nicht ganz: für Lebensmüde gibt es auch einen Fußweg). Ich bin keiner und bezahle sie mit, wie jeder andere in Deutschland auch - also "von der Allgemeinheit getragen".

Aber dann Geschiss wegen subventioniertem ÖPNV machen.