my new monitor has a EULA?

monitor displaying "Terms of Use" as part of its first boot screen

@th "smart bar" oh no

@th Can it be used without agreeing to the EULA?

@th And if you tap twice to go back too slowly, it accepts without you accepting? Huh

@th "... thereby if user in as so much as looks at it, guarantee is immediately voided. Vendor is under no obligation to ever show anything useful once display has been onwrapped thereby voiding the end user licence agreement according to §7 consumer law..."

@th What is that, so I can avoid it?

@th "A mouse is required for this part"


Back: Tap twice
Agree: Tap once

*taps twice for back*

You agreed twice! :D

@th they're turning them into mini-computers on their own, but with vastly less ability to install your own shit on them, and it's the worst

@carcinopithecus it would be delightful if they turned into minicomputers to add to my collection

two rack pdp-11/34 with vt100 terminal

@th We really do live in the worst timeline

@th Agree once – OR – agree twice to Disagree? 🤔 I see what they did there…😉

TV screen asking for confirmation of EULA: "BACK"  tap twice, "Agree" tap once

@th The fuck?? It's HARDWARE.

We'd probably be sending it back and getting a different brand. Like the time a WD external drive came with a EULA thing on a slip of paper, tryimg to claim we agreed to arbitration. We sent it back and bought Seagate.

@th I'm waiting for the from the hospital that you agree to as soon as you're born.

@th fuck that

@th Your new monitor might also have a return policy. Just saying.

@th software updates of the screen? How does that work. It's mot like you'd normally connect them to a network?

@th WTF? What brand is it?

And if you try to back out of it, it just thinks you agreed twice! rmsmad

@th burn it with fire

@th It makes me sick that most people just put up with stuff like that. 🤢

@th that monitor is sussy af. why would such a thing need a eula, i swear capitalism has failed us even in the tech world