ableism, fsf bs

so apparently people are now excusing the creepy shit RMS does by blaming it on autism??? what the fuck??
Not only has he denied being autistic, it also feels just rlly insulting?? Like,, Im autistic and i dont go around doing creepy shit like he does,!! why would that be a valid excuse??? Being autistic doesn't require you to be a creepy asshole, and it's especially fucking weird when this is used as an excuse for an allistic person

fucking techbros >:(

ableism, fsf bs

@AgathaSorceress I signed the statement a while ago where we GNU maintainers wanted rms out of GNU...

... and instead they bring him back into the FSF.

I'm so tired.

ableism, fsf bs

@AgathaSorceress Oh fuck it's the top HN comment, "he's autistic".

So. Fucking. What.

Argh, I'm upset by this.

re: ableism, fsf bs
@JordiGH @AgathaSorceress It allows them to keep up the pretense that their self-diagnosed make-believe Asperger's allows them to be an asshole at any time.

re: ableism, fsf bs

@patrick @AgathaSorceress At least there's some voice of reason, being drowned out:

re: ableism, fsf bs
@JordiGH @AgathaSorceress What would it take for GNU maintainers to fork GNU?

re: ableism, fsf bs

@patrick @AgathaSorceress There was a sort of movement for a fork a while ago, but there's a huge other half of that potential fork that is hellbent on rms apologia.

re: ableism, fsf bs
@JordiGH @AgathaSorceress I suppose that "other half" could track GNU automatically until it finds maintainers?

re: ableism, fsf bs

@JordiGH @patrick @AgathaSorceress That doesn't seem like a sustainable situation. I suggest cutting your losses, ripping off the bandage, doing the fork and moving on.