@neauoire Wait a minute; does that mean that Chrome actually has special case code for Amazon storefront pages?

Like, if Amazon changes their site layout, Google would need to roll out a Chrome update to compensate?

@neauoire (this is rhetorical; other comments confirmed my fears.)

@vertigo @neauoire webkit is safari but kinda, yeah, it might break

@charlag @neauoire As I recall, Webkit is also Konquerer (it was originally a KDE library) and is the basis for Google's rendering engine. Am I misremembering?

@vertigo @charlag @neauoire Konqueror had khtml that was forked into WebKit. Chrome then started using WebKit but later forked it into Blink. As for Konqueror, at some point they moved to the Qt Web component which is Blink-based these days, I think.

GNOME-related stuff and Safari use WebKit, Firefox does its own Gecko work, every other "big" HTML consumer is probably based on Blink these days (if not on the entire Chromium browser, like Vivaldi, Brave and Edge).

@patrick @charlag @neauoire Ahh, there's my confusion. I thought WebKit was originally a KDE project.